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the most effective way to display visual evidence

Video Depositions

Video Depositions

It is becoming increasingly popular to videotape depositions to supplement the written transcript. Video depositions bring a positive factor for litigations and/or in-court presentations. During pre-trial and/or trials hearings, video depositions have been proven to be the most effective way to display visual evidence. These visual evidence includes the ability to show the witness’s demeanor, reactions, tone, voice inflections, and even their personal appearance. With these visual elements, it can easily create a powerful statement in your case.
Your video can be delivered to you via flash drive or securely electronically. With our in-house editing we can ensure a quick and cost-effective turnaround.
Our team also provides audio recordings to the court reporters in any format they may choose.

Video Sychronizaton to Transcript

Video synchronization to transcript allows the attorney, jury, or even the judge to view the video deposition and the transcript simultaneously on the same screen. This also gives them the ability to go to any point on the transcript and watch the video that correlates with that testimony.

Synchronized Transcript example
Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture

Picture-in-picture video depositions allow attorneys to display/ documents, exhibits, presentations, videos, photos, and so on to the witness and other counsel present. While these files are being displayed, our videographer is editing the video live to show the files being displayed next to the witness on the same screen. As a result, the attorney will be provided with three separate videos: footage of just the witness; footage of just the files being shown (exhibits, etc..); and both these files side by side. 

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